Monday, May 6, 2013

Big decisions

You think getting married, settling down is already a big decision. In the adult world, I think it's just one of many. The big decisions never stop. It multiplies as you evolve from being in a couple relationship to expanding your basic unit. 

And just like tying the knot, the big decisions in life involve a life-long commitment. Huge commitment. Like everything else that requires sober and sound thinking, we waver, even second guess. But when it is a shared decision, taking the big leap becomes easy to bear. 

The natural progression after marriage is to start a family. Build a house to provide shelter. We've been house hunting for a while now. There's that desire to live in a quaint but pretty house in a nice neighborhood with trees and a lawn with a nice garden.

When you wake up to reality however, you'll be forced to admit that it's nearly impossible to accomplish it in a big city like Manila where real estate prices shoot to the roof. Unless, I married money. Or we are filthy rich. 

We are neither. So, after a long search we chose to buy a unit in a mid-rise condominium development. It's half the size of our dream space but it's as good, as it gets. The price is within our range. And the mortgage payment scheme doesn't break the bank. 

Last weekend, we took the next step after paying off the reservation fee. We signed the form that will enable the developer to issue a buyer's document. We, on one hand, will get to start paying the amortization. 

Needless to say, we are excited but at the same time apprehensive of the unknown and of the future. We are going to have to do a lot of belt-tightening and creative expense planning. As my friend Josette said, "welcome to the club" being a homeowner herself, I find solace in the fact that she has hurdled the five years since she bought her property happy and unscathed.

With our imagination taking an overdrive, I've caught myself dreaming of the final product when it gets turned over to us. And how we will make it our own. It may not be the house of our dreams but it has one feature that am dying to have -- a balcony. Make it two balconies. 
Photo Credit: Pinterest

And so with bated breath, I envision that in the next 36 months I will have a nice reading corner, a lounge area and an open space to meditate and smell the roses. It's a long way to go and we're getting ahead of ourselves but who cares dreaming is free :-))

I love how sunny this space is!
Have you found your dream space yet? Tell me about it. 



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