Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sweet Baby Shower

They say pregnant women are emotional, hormonal especially on the final stretch of their pregnancy. Last weekend was proof that my tear ducts didn't need much prodding to shed tears given the right stimuli. 

The hubby organized a sweet baby shower surprise for me. In attendance were his office mates that in the course of his association with B&M's GBDMC I've come to befriends with. The moment the door to the AV Room of our clubhouse opened and heard the enthusiastic sound of "Surprise!" I actually cried. Ha ha ha. 

Crazy. Thoughts swirled in my head such as am not dressed, my hair is still wet, as I had just stepped of the shower, I've no makeup on... blah blah. Then, I looked at everyone's happy faces and my heart just melt. I'm floored.

These friends are here for me and our little bun in the oven. They're eager to share with us the joy and anticipation of the next milestone in our lives. And I realized that most of them were also there when we exchanged vows two years ago. 

My heart swells with gratitude and appreciation, friends. Thanks for the lovely gifts of your presence, the generosity of your time and energy, and the beautiful prayers and wishes. We truly, deeply appreciate them. 

Onwards to our next journey, we hope and pray that you will walk with us. Our little Kate is blessed to have you guys in our lives. 

Thank you. 


Sheng & Tyrone

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The every grind can be grueling. There are all sorts of negativity around us. And when we dwell on them, it sucks the life out of us. 

Today, I get reminded of this simple thought. I was looking for something else but this made me realize that when we wear the hat of a grateful heart, everything around us changes. 

Today, I am thankful that I am able to go to work. 
Today, I am thankful that I everything that I need. 
Today, I am thankful that God's creations remind me, nudge me to appreciate the beauty of life and not to dwell on what does not uplift... on what does not build character. 

I realize that it's an everyday conscious decision, amid the everyday struggle of our daily lives. When you hit a rough patch, you take stock of the things that you are blessed with. And then, you begin to wear an attitude of gratitude. 

What are you grateful for?