Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy 25th, Kitty Kat!

Dear Kat, 

Congratulations on reaching a new milestone in your adult life. Turning a quarter of a century brings many exciting things, some profound realizations and an incredible opportunity to make your mark into this world.  

Am sure that your parents are very proud of the fact that you turned up to be a well-rounded wonderful daughter. And the angels in heaven must be playing a merry song as they celebrate with you. An orchestra, maybe.

Thank you for being such a lovely friend. Thank you for the gift of your presence in our wedding. You made it more memorable. And the generous gift, you, Mara and Me-an pooled. We were so floored!

I don't know if the few years that we've shared as friends qualify me to share 25 fun facts/attributes about you but let me try, anyway. 

1. You are fiercely independent despite being an only child. 
2. You soak up culture. Traveling and studying abroad taught you to explore places, understand their history, and see the world from a local's perspective.

3. When traveling, you'll choose museum and food over shopping, anytime.
4. You are WICKED. You love plays; you'd rather pay more to watch stage plays than shop. 

5. You are mature yet very child-like in your disposition. 
6. You are outspoken yet tamed in your speech.
7. You appreciate small little gestures like remembering your prom night. 
8. You go on a diet because you think you're too fat. Or rather not skinny enough for the beach. 
9. You like to EAT but you don't add pounds, even if you foolishly think that you are gaining weight.
10. You want your friends to do a pinky swear when you share a particularly juicy information about you.
11. You love math. In fact, ALGEBRA is your middle name. 
12. You are wise in money matters. You know how to invest your hard earned income. You do this while your contemporaries are busy spending theirs. 
13. You swoon over Pinoy romance movies. You even memorized some of the lines and dialogues. Popoy and Basha are your go-to characters and their dialogue.
14. You are passionate about your beliefs but manage not to alienate those who don't share them. 
15. You have the propensity to take pictures of your crazy poses. As you call it stupid face.

16.You're very domesticated in spite of your charmed life -- you can cook, bake, wash dishes, do your laundry among other things. It's like being Cinderella sans the wicked stepmom.
17. You make time for all of your friends. I think it's sweet.
18. You appoint Sunday as family day and it's non-negotiable.
19. You genuinely cheer for your friends' successes and lift them up when downtrodden.
20. You go gaga over Harry Potter.
21. You've memorized the lyrics of all Disney films.
22. Your ultimate goal is to have a family and be a house wife. *clap clap*
23. You get giddy when you talk about your sando boy, Andre.
24. You make life beautiful.
25. You are beautiful.

Keep the faith. Enjoy your journey. And I pray that just like Jabez, your territory will be enlarged. 

Happy 25th, Katrina! Many happy returns. Cheers!



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