Monday, July 22, 2013

The tenderest loin is at Saboten

Lately, I have this compulsion to eat everything that's Japanese cuisine. My first love really is sashimi. Maybe it's rooted from my childhood memories of eating kinilaw (fresh tuna in vinegar and cucumber) on weekends. That was the usual fare.

And then my palate got introduced to the explosion of flavors of ramen. And the difference in provenance puts a spin to its taste. And then, Yabu came along. Suddenly, Katsu is no longer just one of the dishes in a Japanese cuisine. It has become a specialty in the Filipino palate. Of course, I went and checked it out. 

Am not a gourmand but I do know how to appreciate good food. I also do not impose my taste on others. But I get excited about sharing my fondness for certain types. When about a month ago Saboten opened, the hype and fuss that came with it are astounding

Uncharacteristically, it took me a while to brave the crowd. Until two Sundays ago. Tyrone and I had a long leisurely late lunch. When the belly is empty, anything is usually palatable. But I kid you not, it's not the case here. 
At four in the afternoon, you would think getting a table is easy. But no. We were wait-listed. About 20 minutes later, we were shown our table. Ah, the thrill of anticipation.
Once seated, the first activity to keep your hands busy is to grind the sesame seeds for the dip/sauce. 
Sesame seeds for the dip/sauce.
 While waiting for the main course, you can feast on a cabbage salad.
It is yummiest when paired with sesame dressing. Scout's honor. I didn't know cabbage can be really this good. The secret is all in the dressing.
Cabbage Salad dressings: Citrus and Sesame
Or you can munch on pickles. Refillable, too.
Now, the main course. Truth be told, we chose to order its original -- the signature menu.  The tenderloin set has 3 sizes: Small (P375), M (P395) and L (P425)
Large size.
Small size.
 Any order comes with a cup of rice (refillable) and miso soup (refillable). House Tea is also provided should you want it. You can take it hot or cold. 

I think it's wise not to order dessert or another main course if you order this set because it's really filling. The cabbage salad alone takes up a lot of belly space. But it's hard to say no to it naman kasi nga masarap

I must say that the pork (katsu) is the tenderest that I have ever tasted. It's love at first bite. Flavor is very subtle; it makes you want to chew leisurely to savor the taste. That good. In fact, two nights later am back with Mara who eats there on average, at least once a week.

In a few weeks of operation, it already claimed the number 1 spot in Top 10 Tonkatsu. So, don't just take my word for it.

If you're curious check it at the G/F Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.



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