Friday, July 12, 2013

Stockton Place

I found out about Stockton Place last week in an online news article. It piqued my interest as I am perpetually in search of food haunts. It seemed out of the way and interesting. Just like the speakeasy next door, The Blind Pig, which happens to be a sibling. 
This restaurant doesn't advertise its name except for this board. Nondescript comes to mind.
The facade with its tables on the sidewalk.
Our Yogini friend Joyce has decided to she's gone full circle; she's going back to Africa. Not quite her home country in Zimbabwe but Kenya, as she said is pretty close to home. From her Jakarta (last Asian country of residence), she's back in Manila over a week to say goodbye to friends.
Putting on our happy faces. It's Joyce's favorite catch phrase inside the hot room (bikram studio).  (Me, Joyce and Febz)
Going back to our restaurant story. Stockton Place is just a few weeks old. And just like The Blind Pig, it doesn't really put itself out there. Word of mouth is their game. Having said that, I cannot get in touch to make a reservation. The number I was able to get a hold of is not working. 

So, I came in early. But in spite the effort, the resto is already booked on a Thursday night. Did I say that the seating is very intimate? It can only seat 40 people. We ended up at the bar. Quite uncomfortable when you're having pasta linguine. Ha ha ha. 

The restaurant starts to serve dinner at six. Since 6pm is cocktail hour already, I ordered a glass that's called Eastside Bellini -- it has champagne, peach, grenadine and something. It has a sweet note. 
Eastside Bellini (P240)
Febz had the Rose Royal (P240). It's sweeter than my cocktails.
 Here's the menu. I was told that this could change from time to time. 

I love the roof! It's like a sun roof at day time.

The restaurant is predominantly black and white color scheme in its exterior as well as the inside including the furniture. It gives off this southern vibe of the plantation-era. I think it fits well in the area as it is in a part of Legaspi Village that's quiet and quite laid-back. 

The food, I found to be nothing extra-ordinary. It scores a lot though on presentation. I say it's on the pricey side, too.
Crispy Potatoes (P150)

Pork Belly (P650)

Clam Linguine (P350)
The clientele seems to be the well-heeled variety. But it's not intimidating. Just a little subdued. No rowdy diners!

Piped-in jazz music hums along the background never intruding on the quiet conversations. Having your date there would really be a pleasant experience. 

Would I come back? Yes, I want to give it another try and see if my opinion of the food will change. I have my eye on its sumptuous steak. I saw it from another table. He he he. Maybe on a date with my hubby or with friends in celebration of something. Friendship, maybe?

Stockton Place 
227 Salcedo Street corner
Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village
02 844 9539
0917 8561419



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