Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Book Library

When I was carrying yet my baby I already came across Internet articles about the value of reading to your child. Some studies have pointed out even to start while it is in the womb. 

It didn't pose a challenge to me because 1) I love to read 2) I want my baby to be a voracious reader like me so we can share in the joys and wonders of the literary world. Up until I actually had my baby when the daily grind took over and I had procrastinated and procastinated. Here we are, four months later... my baby has not heard my storytelling voice yet.

When the pedia asked if we had started with reading yet, guilt was so raw I feel like I've shortchanged my baby's future. Our pedia cited a study which concluded that 100 days of continuous reading dramatically increases the baby's IQ level. It doesn't even matter what kind of reading material, as long as you are reading aloud.

Almost panicky, we went home with the intent of introducing Baby Kate to the written word.I literally have hundreds maybe even a thousand titles both in tactile paper back and hard bound, and of course e-books. 

Out of desperation, and for the love of this classic, I read my Baby's first book -- The Little Prince. 
Kate and her first book -- The Little Prince.
What have I realized? Reading aloud is not easy. It takes practice and patience to achieve an animated storytelling voice when reading the narrative, dialogue and different voices of the characters. And of course, pronouncing the words correctly add to the drama of book-reading to a child who may not know any better yet but whose future get impacted with what you feed her mind today. Tough job. 

It's so different when you read it for your personal consumption. Surprisingly, there are a lot of new things I discovered reading aloud this book. It's one of my favorites. And I've read it a few times. But this experience is going to be different. Now, I get to share the highs and lows of human emotions, the hopes and dreams and the lessons that can be gleamed from a story, the story of the little prince, with my baby. 

As we slowly build her Baby Book Library, my good friend Zarah bought Kate these exciting books. 

If only my child gets influenced by her Tita Zarah in the reading department, I think we're set for life-- am going to have a book loving child. 

The past nights, I've been reading to a four month old whose attention span is so erratic I sometimes wonder if it's worth the effort. So, I take comfort in the advice of moms before me who says that as long as they hear the spoken words, they retain something. And it helps in the brain's development. Ok. We read a chapter or two every night. Given the pace, we'll finish our first book in a month's time. Well, well, well. It's for the wee one. 

Given the jolt we had last pedia visit, I am now on a mission to get a hold of the 25 Best Books of all time. See here

At a glance, I should have in my bookshelf at least the following: 

Pat the Bunny. 

Goodnight Moon. 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Guess How Much I love You. 

I posted on social media, my baby and mine's first book session. Lo and behold, I received so many comments and suggestions. The beauty of social networking-- like-minded people get to share experiences and best choices. Yay!

To mommies out there, care to share some tips and book titles? 



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wine Not?

I am very fortunate to work in a company that allows me to grow and gives a lot of breathing space to explore my professional interests. Last year saw me transition to a new job so many millenials could relate to-- digital.

Being new to the digital platform, we are still establishing our digital presence and voice in social media and the rest of the digital eco-system. I'm so glad to be part of the birthing process of drawing our digital blueprint. It is such an incredible opportunity. 

Years back, I've had a vision of being at the forefront of this platform. I didn't know then how I would get to it. I only had a profound fascination and fixation with the digital world. I was so entrenched to it that I follow the tech trends, new platforms. More often than not, I catch myself to be an early adapter be it in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Vine. 

My digital journey traces its beginnings to my aching desire to find a platform that would host my ramblings and musings. I found myself in multiply, livejournal, wordpress and blogger. Since then, it has been an exciting discovery of the multi-faceted world of the world wide web. 

Yesterday, we worked on our collaborative skills. We did a creative session, off-site. Our assignment was to do the Instagram shoot for our summer campaigns. It challenged our creativity and aesthetic tastes while still mindful of our audience and the stories we want to tell. 

It was fun. It was therapeutic. It was tiring. But all's well that ends well. So, I thought of chronicling how our day went. 
Beautifully laid out table.

Obligatory photo opp... too pretty a setup not to be documented. 
And then, we actually worked. If I may say, it can be back breaking. We carried props, table tops, crouched low to level with a bonsai plant, follow the sun's movement for natural lighting, all in a day's work. 

Jaypee, our "official" photographer took these Caught Gramming moments. 

Four hours of work later that felt like play, we winded down with some wine and cheese. 

We did a taste test of the just-introduced-to-the-market #bestopotato. Yum!
Wine and cheese progressed to early dinner. No one remembered to take photos. But I will attest to the dinner fare's yumminess factor -- 10/10. 

Dinner turned into a hearty conversation of our digital life with a lot of laughs thrown in. Our gracious boss did not just host the venue.. we were stuffed to the brim, as well. 

All in all, it was a wonderful way of disregarding #ShoesdayTuesday replacing it with #CaughtGramming day with the Channel Enablement team. 

Until the next creative session!