Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holiday Reading

A cup of coffee and a good book are two of my guilty pleasures. Regardless of the state of my work life, I try to find time to read a chapter each night or finish a book in a week. To some, de-stressing means retail therapy. To nerds like me, a good book, a cuppa and a nice couch to cocoon are all that we need to bounce back to the right state. 
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Every Christmas break, I bring at least five books when I travel to my hometown. And a magazine to read at the airport. When the books are thick, I worry about excess weight on my luggage allowance. It's such a pain, literally and figuratively. But I don't have the heart to leave them unread in my pad. 

But last holiday vacation, I headed to my destination with not a single book carried. That's because, I have quite a shelf on my iBooks. Thank you, Steve Jobs. I shall  be forever grateful for opening up a chic device to house all the books I could ever want to read. 

In my iPad, I have over 500 titles to choose from. Two days before Christmas eve, I settled into my old room at home, and opened my bookfest with Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. Ha! Is it crazy or apt for the occasion? John Grisham is my modern hero in writing. He never goes wrong in all of his novels. Although, court drama is his forte, he is fearless in dabbling into pop fiction. And I must say, the book didn't disappoint. It was funny and heart-warming at the same time. 
With the mood established, I moved on to modern classic. Dubbed as a coming of age book, I dabbled into the world of J.D. Salinger in The Catcher in the Rye. He rambled on and on and on. It was a nice read. The angst of the writer was tightly woven into the writing style, wit and humor. 

Because I had so much time in my hands, I multi-tasked bonding with my family, especially my niece and nephew by letting them play on my bed while I read. ha ha. So I moved on another classic -- J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Ah, the adventures of Bilbo Baggins are the kind that make you believe in leaps of faith. And as always, Tolkien does not disappoint. It's beautifully written. The pace can be breathtaking and the denouement is just unbelievably good. I almost did not want it to end. 

Then, I moved on to another adventure book. This time it's The Hunger Games. It's futuristic setting does challenge the imagination. Yes, it's a young adult book. Yet, it still tickles one's imagination. So much that I needed to devour the next two books of the trilogy -- Catching Fire and Mockingjay -- first week of the new year. 

As the previous young adult title did not disappoint, I gave the Pretty Little Liars a try. Plot is thin but I persevered. And before I knew it, I was already into Book 7. Ha ha ha. Now, am just waiting for Books 8 to 12. Yes, am a sucker for teenage romance and promises of redemption. Anyhoo, I hate not finishing what I started. Lol. 
I also visited Tom Clancy. I used to be a fan. In college, I felt that he can never go wrong. And he made me fall in love with Jack Ryan. It was as nostalgic as it can ever be. Red Rabbit is not as sharp as Sum of All Fears or Clear and Present Danger but it is still laced with a Clancy panache. 
 I must say, I ended 2011 in the right frame of mind. Capped it with what I love doing most. And sipped my favorite brew, as I flipped through the virtual pages. Happy reading, everyone!


If I'll be put to a house arrest in a place like this, I shall never mind.Would you?

If I have the luxury of space, I want a house like this. I want a house that has an open feel. And with a sensible space for a garden and a patio. 

Reading Nooks

The weather conspired with me as I daydream of a beautiful reading nook, as it was raining gently when I allowed myself to get lost in neverland. For a voracious reader like me, it can be a big letdown when the reading space is uninspiring. One needs to be in a perfect mood, perfect setting to ensure a pleasurable reading experience. I think one's love affair with the written word is cultivated by the right environment and right authors. 

One day, I dream that I'd be able to have my own personal nook that's designed just the way I like it. One that I could share one day with my own child. 
With a reading nook like this, who needs a vacation?
Long weekends can be spent on this really beautiful place surrounded by the books you love. This reminds me a little of a room I used to stay in when I visit my ex-flame. 
Beautiful picture window? You bet.
 Reading can be a really romantic experience.
What can I say? Sigh.
 And I'd never say no to this.I can imagine a steaming cup of coffee on this nifty side table as a perfect company for a good read.

This can be a lovely and whimsy place to be lost in an author's world. 

 Ah, it would be such a joy if one day is going to be closer for me to have this.
Perfect for all-day lounging with a book or two in hand.
Someday. I'll have my own piece of reading paradise.

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