Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading Nooks

The weather conspired with me as I daydream of a beautiful reading nook, as it was raining gently when I allowed myself to get lost in neverland. For a voracious reader like me, it can be a big letdown when the reading space is uninspiring. One needs to be in a perfect mood, perfect setting to ensure a pleasurable reading experience. I think one's love affair with the written word is cultivated by the right environment and right authors. 

One day, I dream that I'd be able to have my own personal nook that's designed just the way I like it. One that I could share one day with my own child. 
With a reading nook like this, who needs a vacation?
Long weekends can be spent on this really beautiful place surrounded by the books you love. This reminds me a little of a room I used to stay in when I visit my ex-flame. 
Beautiful picture window? You bet.
 Reading can be a really romantic experience.
What can I say? Sigh.
 And I'd never say no to this.I can imagine a steaming cup of coffee on this nifty side table as a perfect company for a good read.

This can be a lovely and whimsy place to be lost in an author's world. 

 Ah, it would be such a joy if one day is going to be closer for me to have this.
Perfect for all-day lounging with a book or two in hand.
Someday. I'll have my own piece of reading paradise.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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