Monday, September 21, 2015

Johnnie Walker and Romi Garduce

Last Friday, September 18, we saw ourselves braving the drizzle to attend the Johnnie Walker launch of it's newest campaign, Joy Will Take You Further. I usually don't get invited to this kind of events. But hey, we got a VIP invite from the man of the hour -- Romi Garduce. 

Romi happens to be one of the eight or so global ambassadors for Johnnie Walker. He's in league with Jude Law. Ha ha ha. Now, did I mention that Romi's penchant for going after his dream to see the world did not just end with his being able to successfully climbed Mt Everest? Yes, he has seen the world from all the seven summits of the world! Few people can ever claim that.

Friday night was the launch of its new TV ad and campaign. It's exciting. It's exhilirating. Just like Johnnie Walker. 

Watch out for timeline 00:22. Makes you proud a Filipino made it to the roster of these elite group of achievers. 

Am not a whiskey fan. But I tremendously enjoyed my cocktails that night. It's smooth and suave. Even the one with just ice on it. Whatever you call it. 
Mixed with joy. 
What I particularly liked about this night is that I saw some friends. And met new acquaintances who shared their perspective in life, much different than mine. Oh, how interesting. 

So, yeah, next time I get invited, I'd probably not think twice anymore. 

Get your own taste of Johnnie Walker with its wide-array of labels-- red, blue, black, gold, double black. Name it. 

Cheers! Keep Walking. 



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kate's Dedication

My mother took care of Kate the moment she came out of my womb. She helped me during those difficult nights when the baby is incessantly crying in the wee hours of the morning and I didn't know how to comfort her. She'd wake up and take charge. 

We knew that she wouldn't be Kate's primary caregiver for a long time. So, when she had to go home soon sometime in August, we organized Kate's dedication so she can be part of and witness it. 

On August 9, we invited our close friends who would be Kate's Godparents to Greenhills Christian Fellowship for the very short and intimate ceremony. 

She was too excited hours before the ceremony that she promptly slept on the ceremony itself.

Ninong ko si Max. For lack of imagination, we chose Max's Restaurant as our venue for the reception. It rained so hard we feared no one will show up. Yet, friends upon friends arrived bearing gifts and sunny smiles despite the gloomy weather. 

We thank God for the blessing of excellent health, generous friends and for God's faithfulness in our lives. 

Thank you to all of our family and friends who gave wonderful gifts -- of your time, of your resources. Even those who weren't able to make it, sent their love through gifts. We appreciate the thoughtful toys, clothes and cash gifts. The money you gave will go to her college fund! <3 <3 <3

In a sea of gifts. She didn't know where to begin.
Our little rascal, Sofia Katherine would like to express her gratefulness, for your love, gifts and prayers. 

See you all on her first birthday.