Thursday, January 3, 2013

The barrio girl gets her dream bachelorette

It has been a quarter of a year already since I had the prettiest event in my life leading to my last days as a singleton. But the memory is still as fresh as if it was yesterday. 

This barrio girl had an awesome bachelorette party. I was in cloud nine when my friends surprised me with a spa party. I've always had strong feelings against having a macho dancer or any variation thereof in any bridal shower. I think they're overrated.

Imagine my glee when I found out that I was actually having none of it. Instead, my friends booked my favorite nail spa. They had it closed and it became our nail haven for a few hours. 

What goes on a sparty? 

The salon gets closed for your event. Every attendee gets to enjoy the paid-for services (either basic mani/pedi) or the fancier ones in the menu. All depends on the organizer's budget. 

Of course, since the place becomes a private event, the organizers can serve food, booze and play games. 

Secretly, I've been conditioning myself that there won't be one. You see my big day is a destination wedding. I would understand if my friends would scrimp because they were all going to my wedding. The expense is already something that am so grateful that they are splurging on, just to celebrate with us on our big day. Yet, they came in droves. I mean, I didn't realize I have so many friends!

But then, they made such an effort my heart burst with happiness. I felt so loved. 

Friends, thank you so much for the gift of friendship. I shall forever cherish the day and the memory, forever.