Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year-ender

The year that was 2012. It was such a roller-coaster ride for me. There were some challenges and a lot of lessons learned along the way. Definitely, milestones were carved in my book of life. 

The highlights of my year were pretty awesome. I said 'I do' to my husband, Tyrone. It was a wedding that turned out just how I envisioned it to be... classy, quaint and with just the right amount of restraint in the details. 

We were able to gather, too our friends from all over in our 'big' ceremony. Most of them have set foot in Davao for the first time. Quite a feat. 

My Manila friends also gave me a really beautiful bridal shower. Nothing like the usual. Am allocating it a space on its own.
Spa party. Awesome.
In the process of getting all the preparations done, I met a wickedly creative person through a friend. Mara introduced me to Lyra. And thanks to social network, we've kept in touch. She made me this awesome box, for our wedding favors. 
My old friend Bonna realized her dream of being a florist. I did a lot of prodding. And the result was just nothing short of awesome. In my mind, she re-created how I wanted my setting to look just the way it was on my big day. 

I also met Zhorai, again through Mara. She's this calm and collected marketing gal. A young expat of Sony in Singapore. Noteworthy, for one because I don't get to meet a lot of new people and second, because she's young and she has already shown her mettle in the wold of branding.

I have been really fascinated by the blogosphere. I bookmarked my favorite writers who mostly write about lifestyle. Then, sometime last year, Mara yet again introduced me to this very young full-time internet personality, Liz Lanuzo. She's young and she's conquered cyberspace. She mostly writes about beauty products. In the net, she's projectvanity.com.

It thrilled me more than ever knowing that in this ever expanding whilst shrinking world, there is a place for everyone. I remember back in my younger days, I read and clipped, Kinny Salas' articles on Philippine Daily Inquirer. Back then, I was obsessed with make-up and beauty. Not quite these days. 

But the thing is there is a clear definitive movement of the world. And I love that I crossed over the timeline.

In the wheel of life, you know that at some point, there'll be a moment or space in time that you'd be underneath it. In what would have been a definitive travel as a newly-married couple, our Taipei adventure had to be shelved. 

A few days after I touched down in Manila from the Davao wedding, I got sick. Really sick. I was hospitalized. So, there goes our honeymoon. 

However, I feel that 2012 was an incredible year for me and my hubby. There were glitches but they didn't overshadow the beautiful events that took place. 
Buzzer beater meet up with Pong and Toto before they boarded the plane back to Vancouver. Am glad we saw each other again. They weren't able to attend our wedding but Pong has been a friend forever. Very generous, too. She gave me a lot of moolah for my wedding shoes. Aw.
So, in 2013, my identity has become a WE and we are looking forward to God's providence and faithfulness in our lives. Cheers!

P.S. I didn't write this on new year's eve because I chose to be an active participant in the real world. XX

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