Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauty Loot for the New Year

Confession: This barrio girl is no a make-up junkie. You might say, am a 'make-up late bloomer'. I didn't discover it until I was in my 20s. Since then, I've embarked on a trial and error in getting my hands into this seemingly foreign concept that this barrio girl didn't grow up with. 

The discovery of colors captured my imagination for a while. But then, it fizzled. I've stopped obsessing about my skin and colors and palettes several years ago. Maybe it's age. Or maybe I've just come to terms with what my gene pool has given me. 

But then, there are the basics for a glimpse of outward sophistication or what have you. And that you only need very little to look presentable. For the clueless like me who gets dizzy at the multitude of choices, I discovered a few products that does the trick for me.

I am of mind that if you are no Anne Hathaway, Scarlet Johansson or Lucy Torres-Gomez, you don't have the license to go au naturel

Let's face it, make-up doesn't just add oomph to our look; it sprinkles a dose of confidence knowing that you've gone out with a face ready to take on the world. It's like an invisible weapon so anyone can fiercely tackle the challenges of the modern world.

So, everyday I spend at least 5-15 minutes to do my face. I don't have the skill of an artist. So, I make do with my ability (or lack thereof) to blend and stroke a makeup brush onto my face. 

Having said that, I only have a few items that I think would already take you from blah to smile-worthy. Especially, if you are going out of your house. 

Everyday in the car, here is my consistent scene. 

First, I do my face. Am loving this tinted moisturizer with spf 20 from Laura Mercier. You noticed it's in a very tiny tube? Oh yeah, it's a sampler. Soon, I'll get the lead size. What I like about it is that for an everyday, no fuss face, it does even out the skin tone plus, you get sun protection. 

To achieve a finished look, I brush my face with MAC's mineralarized Skinfinish pressed powder.

Second, my wayward brows. I am the best candidate for eyebrow deconstruction at the Browhaus. If only I can afford it. Next best thing, then. I had been in constant search for the best eyebrow makeup in the market. Recently, I've fallen in love with Laura Mercier eyebrow gel. The powdery gel consistency allows me to fill-in the sparse areas of my brows while with just a few strokes, I get to shape it as well. 
Laura Mercier Brow Definer (Soft)

Third, I have this hangdog look. My eyes (eyelids) are sloping downwards. Droopy. I wish I have that doe-eyed look of Dawn Zulueta. But I don't. So, I take pains lining it. For the longest time, I've used pencils. The thing is by midday it starts to smudge. And by the close of office, I already look like a raccoon. 

Good thing my friend, Erika (who's a makeup artist extraordinaire) introduced me to Mac Liquid Eyeliner. I swear it's easy to apply and doesn't smudge. Proof: I've run with eyeliner on and it stays. Awesome, right? 
Fluidline Blacktrack by MAC

Fourth, I blush. Who doesn't want rosy cheeks? But unless you're a mestiza, you don't get it naturally. And so I whip out my discovery last year, the Benefit Cosmetics' Hervana. It's so easy to blend. And it comes in a cheeky packaging. 

Fifth, I apply lip balm. Hardly, a lipstick. Only when there are conferences or when I really have the itch to put on color. On a regular day, it's just a hint with the right amount of moisture so I don't get chappy lips. I've graduated from over the counter lip balms to this new one am really loving, right now. It's called Chubby Stick from Clinique. Sometimes, I alternate it with Revlon's Balm Stain.

And voila, am ready to face the challenges of the day. Add a cup of java and am all set. 

P.S. When am stumped or I want to explore other possibilities, I always check out projectvanity.com   (Liz, the author always dishes out something new.)


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