Friday, January 11, 2013

House Hunting

House hunting in the big city is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yeah, that hard. 

This barrio girl joins the millions of transient residents in cosmopolitan Manila. And this lass is now happily married. When you enter this variable into the equation, the search expands and becomes a bit more complicated. 

For many years, I had been content living in a tiny studio. In fact, I had viewed a 34 square meter flat, a generous space. When I made my big move here in the big city, I rented a studio that has enough space to hold my bookshelf, several pairs of shoes, clothes and a few kitchen appliance. It was small but back then it already cost me an arm and a leg. 

But I had a living subsidy back then from my company. It was called an out-of-base allowance. So, paying the rent didn't pinch as hard knowing that I wasn't throwing away much. However, that program sunseted after five years. Gone is the allowance. Gone is the nice neighborhood and the nice studio. 

Which brings me to my initial statement: it is hard to look for a decent place to stay in Manila particularly, in Makati. Two years ago saw me moving in the residential section of Manila that is just a little beyond the boundary of Makati. I wasn't thrilled but I needed to be practical. I learned to love though my neighborhood. It's safe and secure. And those were what matters. 

Nevertheless, some good things never last. Now, am back to surfing the net looking for a new place. I realized that some people have complete disregard in the condition of a house, a condo or a flat when advertising. It's very rare to find a previously-tenanted unit in a mint condition. 

If money were no object, I'd totally build a house like this. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
Or this gorgeous house. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
But reality can be really stark. So, I'd settle for this. 

Hahaha am still dreaming.
If the world was perfect, I may be able to afford a house in the suburbs. But cosmopolitan living this side of the planet means steep tolls and horrible traffic. 

Right now, I'd be happy if I find a place that's decently priced, moderately-sized (2 bedroom) in a respectable neighborhood, in an area that traffic is not an issue. 

Where that would be? Am still looking. Know of a great place? Or are you in the same boat with me? Share your secret to a successful search. 

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