I am a junior manager in a beauty company. I relish the opportunities thrown my way as I am now doing a job that I feel so strongly about. For some, digital media and its various social networks are time-wasters. To me, it's the job. 

I grew up in a barrio with very little interaction with the outside world. Growing up, I had been fascinated by the written word and the world of possiblities it opened up for me. The world seemed to be only a village in literature. Hope you see the irony and significance, at the same time, on a personal level. 

And then as fate would have it, I found myself in the big city. The big city of Manila. A decade ago, Manila felt too far away. We are the kind of provincial people who do not have ties in the big city. The probability of traveling, living and working in Manila was not in the radar. So, when the offer came, I thought that this was the pinnacle of my "dream."

I was the stereotypical provincial southern lass who has set foot the in the big city. Yes, I had been to Manila so many times in the past but those were in the confined of company-initiated events like conferences where the only hurdle is to find a decent cab to bring you to your hotel. 

Living and working in Manila are so much more. Hence, the start of my adventures and mishaps. Since then, my world has expanded. I found a husband, gave birth and made it my permanent address. I traveled with the hope of traveling some more. 

I started this blog as a journal. There was never a time in my life that I did not have some sort of a diary. I like jotting down my thoughts, my experiences, my hopes and my dreams, and my milestones, and misadventures. 

The digital platform allows me to access, write anywhere, anytime my journal. And hopefully what I have got to share brightens, enlightens, and even amuses anyone who stumble on this blog. 

Tell me what you think. Please leave a message. Let's connect.



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