Friday, October 14, 2011

Tiny Kitchen

Welcome to the Tiny Kitchen! Literally, it's tiny. But mind you, it's packed with food goodness! 

We were in Davao for a week-long business trip and we were so looking forward to the food treats. We missed the fruit festival, though. Nevertheless, it was a gastronomic experience. While still in Manila, Davao friends had made us promise to visit, Tiny Kitchen. The Sunday we arrived, we head straight to it. Only to find out that it's closed every Sunday.

Monday night, we came by again but we were a li'l late. It closes at 9pm! Sigh. We keep on missing this place... might not be meant for us. Persevering foodies that we are, we persisted. Saturday night, we made sure we got in as early as 7pm. 

Lo and behold, the place is really very tiny. It's about 18 square meters only, I think. But it's packed to the hilt. Evidence is the packed menu scribbled on a blackboard hung on the wall behind the pasty counter. 

And so the adventure began. We can't decide which food to order. Everything seemed too good to pass up. After quite a group huddle, we decided on these:

Paella Valencia. Can feed at least 3 people. Price? P410. Not bad, eh?
Pasta Verdura (P185) for the vegans.     

Of course, a meal isn't complete without the requisite dessert. Especially for those with sweet tooth like me and my friends. 

To die for, red velvet cake. About P85/slice.  
I think this is called, major major cake. Yes, major chocolate goodness.
And they live happily, ever after. 
A little fuzzy shot of us ladies who dine :-)
We slept a little better that night. And we dreamt of the scrumptious food we enjoyed, a little too much. And that red velvet cake, we want to go back to the next time we're back.

When in Davao, do check out the Tiny Kitchen. It's at the far end of the Torres Street's Restaurant Row.
Go visit. It's one meal, you'd like to re-live over and over again.