Monday, October 24, 2011

My flip flop snapped!

The barrio girl hit a hump in the big city. I was striding along the open-plan restaurant area of the Market!Market! Mall in Taguig. It's one street away from Serendra in Bonifacio Global City. I planned on spending the rest of my Saturday afternoon in Fully Booked. It's my favorite bookstore. It deserves another article, though.

Going back to my tale...I had this determined look on my face as I was mentally calculating the time it will take me to de-stress. I want a lash perm. Yes, there is such a thing for those unlucky women who do not have naturally clued lashes. And that no amount of mascara could curl it. I also have an appointment with my wax therapist for a Brazilian bare. Quite a full day, if I may say so.

My left foot just landed on the cement floor as I raised my right foot, following a normal rhythm, when whoop... it's just my right foot mid-air. Bare foot.

Where's my rubber slippers?! Oh, there! On the floor gaping at me. It's broken. The t-strap is hooked no more. How embarrassing! "Naka-LV ka nga, pigtas naman tsinelas mo!" (How ironic! You're wearing a Louis Vuitton bag but your rubber slippers' broken.)Lol. 

Goodbye, Havaianas. We had a good 3-years together.

I was rooted on the spot of my little accident for what seemed like an eternity. I was paralyzed with helplessness. I panicked, especially when I noticed that people were already starting to throw strange glances at me. Time to think fast.

The barrio girl in me wants to scream. My confidence in the big city is largely rooted to the fact that I blend in. I don't call attention to myself in places I feel vulnerable -- like the mall. But I have to rise to the occasion. No matter how unfortunate.

Slowly, I inched my way towards one unoccupied table. I sat there mulling my options. Going inside the mall will expose me more and I might still have more mishaps awaiting to happen. And it will take me more than a hundred steps. On one hand, I can go back to the car. The parking lot is nearer. But I don't have extra pairs there. We always take out clutter inside the car.

So, the mall it is. It took a little longer for me to gather courage and brave the difficult walk. But I got there eventually. I bought the first pair I saw in the first shop I came in that sold flip flops. Ha, it's called Ginga.

Moral of the story: don't wear flip flops anywhere other than the beach, house or the beach.

So, I survived my "broken" and "bare" weekend. Half of the weekend, that is. Sunday, I was off to Palawan.


  1. Sorry I wasn't there to rescue you... I didn't bother looking at my phone kasi e... Sorry.