Monday, October 3, 2011

A quick peek of Legazpi, Philippines

The city of Legazpi sits in the peninsula of the Bicol Region. It's small compared to other provinces in the Philippines. In fact, one can tour around the city in just five hours! Local tourist guides can take anyone to a 360 degree tour of the whole city within the day. Population-wise, it's also small; approximately 179,000.

What it lacks for size, it sure make up for the sheer magnificence of its natural wonders.
Hello, Mayon Volcano!
Quite shy on this photo. Taken at the airport, around nine in the morning.
Ah, the serenity of the view. Taken from another perspective. This time at one of the points in Embarcadero, a new waterfront development that hopes to attract local as well as international tourists. This project looks really promising. The marina could rival that of the Clark Quay in Singapore.

Legazpi is one of the earliest sites of the Spanish colonization. It boasts of stone churches dating back to the 15th century. Look at the texture of the church. It's so beautiful. The camera did not do justice.

And of course, who wouldn't recognize this -- The Cagsawa Ruins.
It is situated a few kilometers away from the foot of Mayon Volcano. When the volcano's first recorded eruption in 1841 happened, the church that stood here submerged leaving only the bell tower, as seen today.

What makes Bicol a hot destination? It's food, literally. Spicy hot food that tingles your senses and imagination. Two spicy dishes come to mind, the pinangat and the bicol express. Upon arrival, these were what we filled our empty stomachs with.

And more.
Pinangat Pizza -- tastes really good!



 Chicken Adobo with gata (cocunot milk), so-so.

This is probably the softest version of crispy pata but boy, the skin is just as crunchy.

Complete your meal with any of the yummy desserts.
 sili ice cream, anyone? harmless at first glance but be careful, it bites.

I was billeted for over a week at The Hotel Venezia . It's a cozy place situated inside a mid-size village. A bed and breakfast that offers the view of Mount Mayon as backdrop. And it's a mere 5 minute drive from the airport. Rates are reasonable, too. 

Take a bite of the Bicolano experience and get a kick out of it. To know more about this scenic city, check on the Legazpi Tourism site.

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