Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Culturally, Filipinos love taking pictures. We just have a penchant for documenting memories no matter how small is it's relevance in our lives. We take a snap of every single milestone of a baby -- first smile, first crawl, first step, etc. When that baby grows we freeze the frames of each achievement from earning that one star in class to the class medals received. Every celebration is never complete without the requisite presence of a photographer. 

Hence, this country is a haven for hobbyists as well as serious photographers. Wherever you go, somehow your path will cross with someone who lugs a DSLR around. Owning a serious camera though doesn't necessarily translate to being a professional photographer. 

I fall into the category of "trigger happy" people. I tend to create occasions to photograph something. I take pictures of what I eat, of the nice things I see around,  of funny signs and of the world around me. Everyday, the world changes and my perception of it changes also as wisdom, insights and mood come into play.
See, I even take a photo of myself! Narcissist much? :-))

When I received my iPhone 4 as a gift from my fiance last Christmas, I was overjoyed! I can now take pictures anytime, anywhere. I must say that its resolution, clarity or quality of image is par to the point-and-shoot in the market. So, am really, really happy. 

The Apps (applications) makes it one of the unique selling proposition of any Apple product, aside from form + function, of course. There are hundreds of thousands of them. And one of those in constant use in my phone, is It's a fun way to share stories with friends and the world through pictures. 

Allow me to share the stories I have captured of the last 10 months of 2011.
My first shot was of a pedestrian gate. Filter: lomo-fi.
I promised myself then, that I would make it my project 365. One photo a day. Unfortunately, there are days that I forget or am not in the mood to post a photo. So here are my attempts at storytelling through photographs.
varied interest

food + travel 

hanging out 
beautiful sunset. 
bon appetit!

vanity, 101. 

me and my eccentricities. 

food and friends, great mix. 
happy faces.

Come join the community of visual storytellers. And you'll take not just beautiful and precious photographs; friends, too!  

What are you waiting for? Download at the App Store and follow me, shenglu.

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