Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tucked in the corner of E. Rodriguez Ave and Tomas Morato in Quezon City is a food haven aptly called, Nomnomnom. We learned of it by word of mouth. It's a quaint place located in the ground floor of an old house converted into a commercial space. From the street, it's hidden from view.

It has this artist's vibe. Perhaps because it's frequented by people from the creative field. Inside, it's interior is decorated shabby chic.

The first time we went there was just out of curiosity. The second time was to sample the other dishes. The third, fourth and fifth times, we simply ran out of reasons. We just love going back.

The menu is pesco-vegetarian. All sets of dish out of tofu. I must say that its unique selling proposition is its price point (price range from P105 -- complete meal already) and ambiance. 

VST. Very Succulent Tomato.
Fried Ravioli. Yum.
Tofu Sisig. Delish!
kangkong stuffed calzone.
the happy diners.

Bon Appetit!