Sunday, September 16, 2012

Raffle Giveaway a la Barrio

Where does the time go? Julia Fordham sings. And this barrio girl asked. 

A year ago, I've decided to take blogging seriously. The decision is predicated by my desire to practice and harness my writing skills. And to "immortalize" my adventures and mishaps in the big city. Being the barrio girl that I am, I feel that most of the time I play a pretend game of adult-sophisticate cosmopolitan woman. 

Yet, when you peel off the veneer, you'd see that am still very much attached to my roots. I have an insane fear of strangers and commuting. I've been in the city for six years now and yet I cannot go on my own outside of Makati. 

I haven't been to Divisoria. I don't know where 168 is. Or Tutuban. I just know that these are shopping havens for the serious shopper. But I've been to Binondo, for food trips.

In spite of my deficiencies, I celebrate my life in the big city. I love exploring restaurants, the parks in the city and the shops. Yes, I know where the relevant shops are. Mind you, am not a shopaholic. I just love window shopping. 

These things offered me enough reason to grow roots in the city even if it meant turning my back from the comforts of home. 

So, celebrate with me by following me on this blog. Together, I'll take to my discoveries, my booboos and my successes. 

And I shall give away exciting gift packs of Avon products. 
Loot Bag for the 5 winners. 
Loot # 1: Beauty Essentials
Loot #2: Hair Care + Body Contouring Cream
Loot #3: skin care essentials
Loot #4: assorted beauty products
Loot # 5 is still in the works. This blog will be updated in the next few days for additional loot items.

Disclaimer: I am an Avon associate hence, the giveaways but these are not sponsored by the company. All products are from my personal stash. 
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  1. Replies
    1. Mara, my friend. Yes, you may. Hahaha. Desperate much for participants. Seriously though, thanks for the support.

  2. Cool initiative! Hope I win! Cheers to you and your blog!!!

  3. Bongga!!! Hope I win!

  4. Febz, I hope so! I think you would be thrilled to use all the colors. Watch out am adding more products within the day.

    Thanks. And welcome to twitter!