Friday, September 28, 2012

Pottery Barn

Back story: Several years back, I worked for a furniture export-manufacturing company. It opened my eyes to the wonders of beautifully crafted furniture pieces. I used to think of it only as a functional piece. And I got introduced to the many different types and usage of furniture items. The first time I heard/saw an occasional chair, I blurted out "does this mean it's used only occasionally?"  

And so, I fell in love with the many furniture pieces that we make and sell abroad. But, alas, even if am allowed to buy -- the price points are beyond my reach. Only those who have money to burn can. Quite frankly, I've met several inconspicuous ones who doesn't bat an eyelash; just signs the check. 

The sum of my three years in the furniture industry (short but sweet) has me forever bitten by the furniture bug, if there's such a thing.  I now have eyes for really awesome furniture pieces especially those that combines functionality and style. Art, in itself.

If there's one store that keeps this bug alive in me, it's Pottery Barn. I love old-world. So, it's no surprise that am drawn to it. Before the internet, I used to leaf through its catalogs and gawk at the pieces featured. But now, I have it bookmarked!

Everyday, I browse and browse. One day, when our condo unit gets done, we shall have a piece or two of a Pottery Barn item. Here's a sneak peek of what we wish to have. 

this is my dream reading nook
organize. organize.
bathroom sink
Pretty lanterns.
chic storage
glass canisters
The great news is that Pottery Barn now ships to the Philippines, direct. It should be less the hassle from customs.




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