Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lippy Love on Twitter from Avon Philippines

I must admit am a sucker for Twitter promos. I've joined countless. I won this Live Curious shirt from NatGeo through Twitter. I've never been a lucky raffle participant. But this is one promo where they asked you to write. Joining was so easy, you just have to submit a question that relates to the Live Curious campaign. And the guys over at National Geographic will choose 10 winners-- I was one of the lucky ones. 

I keep on joining promos even if I know that the probability of winning is way, way off the hopeful mark. But it's fun and engaging. So, I still do. All the time. 

So, imagine my excitement when Avon Philippines (Twitter/AvonPh) announced that it has its first-ever Twitter Promo. Everyone wants a nice shade of lipstick. In the case of Anne Curtis, who calls herself a Lipstick Monster, an entire collection would send you quickly to lipstick heaven. 

If I were qualified, I'd join. But am not. Am an Avon Associate. But you, my friends, CAN

You ask, how? Joining is as easy as ABC. 
A.  Print or Save on your smart phone @annecurtissmith / @supsup_shamcey tweet that reads: #AvonUCRBrilliance lipstick at P199! Show this tweet at any Avon & get another makeup item as freebie.

B. Go to any Avon Store nearest you. For locations, click here. Show your tweet to any Avon staff. 

C. Purchase any shade of the Ultra Color Rich Brilliance lipstick at P199 and you get your FREEBIE of the same value. 

Hurry now. Offer is until September 29, 2012 only. Want to know how it feels to be a lipstick monster? Get one now and be one. And get as many as you want. Even the entire collection!

Be a certified lipstick monster!


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