Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Top 10

Nesting. They say that women are on this state when they're approaching motherhood. In my case, am getting ahead of my future situation. 

You see, the barrio girl is marrying a city boy in five weeks! When we begin our life together as a married couple, I have a few things that I'd like to bargain for. 
1. New Condo
If I were back in the province, I would have insisted on a house. But city living is way different. Commuting, especially, in Manila is horrendous. So, I'd make a home out of a small abode. 

2. A new queen-size bed
Again, if I had my way I will definitely go for a California king. However, there is no way that this can be turned into a reality. Just not practical, if you only have a pea-sized apartment. 
Cynthia Upholstered Storage Bed by Potter Barn.
3. A contemporary bedside table and lamp. 
It would be nice to have a place for your mobiles and bedside reading materials.
Stratton bedside table from Pottery Barn.
4. A set of Daphne Linens
I have my eyes on them for a long time now. I've kept on telling myself that I need a new place to justify its purchase as well as to give the brand proper respect.
Daphne linens.

5. A walk-in closet and built-in modular cabinets. 
I hope to properly store clothes, towels, linens, lingerie and other knickknacks. Everything stowed nice and easy. 
Ah, the ultimate in organizing wardrobes, etc.
6. A front-load washing machine and dryer and a vacuum cleaner. 
Washing shouldn't be a chore anymore.
 7. A red Smeg refrigerator. 
I've been smitten.
8. A reading couch and floor lamp.
My favorite past time is reading. And I want to cultivate an environment where my family could also discover the joys and wonders of the written word.
Pottery Barn.

 9. A chic working table/cum vanity. 
Wouldn't it be less stressful if work is confined to a working table? I am an advocate for not bringing work at home. Sometimes, it's unavoidable and inevitable.
A Pottery Barn item.
Confession: I have an obsession with Pottery Barn. It's my favorite home store in the world.   
10.  A pocket garden.
 I really dream of living in a home with plants surrounding it. If I can't have the lawn of my dreams, might as well make do with what I have by growing potted plants. 
Taken from Pinterest.
One of these days, I shall take a photo of my potted friends. 



  1. Oh, yeah. And am very pleased to tell you that they have found a second home. I shall take a picture of them, very soon!