Friday, September 14, 2012

The Barrio Girl meets Kate Spade

The barrio girl has outgrown her nondescript bags. I've always had a fascination with things pretty and dainty. In the past, I'd spot these in equally nondescript part of the malls, the city. 

One thing I've proven time and again though, is that most of my purchases do not last long. I really have issues with quality because it's very frustrating. I remember about a decade ago, I was walking inside my village when I had this sensation of my left foot being extraordinarily light. Alas, the entire sole of my left shoe was a few feet away from where I stood. Needless to say, the brand has been ticked off my list... for good.

Aside from being bewildered, it was awkwardly embarrassing! From then on, I vowed to focus my energy and resources on buying quality products only. 

So, I saw my progression from the local boutique variety to international brands. About six years ago, I had this black barrel/doctor's bag that got a lot of attention. It served me well. 

And then, Charles and Keith came out with a woven satchel. It looked like it could rival a Bottega Veneta. I had fun and I loved it... until it became misshapen from overuse.

Not too long ago, I laid eyes on a Kate Spade bag. It was love at first bag sight. But the price was out of my range. I waited for the right time. It was a swell moment when I opened my package (had it bought in the US). Ah, kilig.
So pretty!
Oh, before that I've had my affair first with my faithful and lucky wallet. 
Never failed me.
 Months back, I was looking for a pretty iPad sleeve. My choice was a toss between a Marc Jacob's and a Kate Spade sleeve. This won. 
Handy. And chic.

This small collection got another entry. 
Very functional.

Owning these awesome Kates made me realize that my bag palate is upwardly changing. At my age and income range, the brand's price points do not break the bank... yet. 

Am happy with the brand, its quality and its prettiness. Will I be acquiring other brands? Sure, I have my eye on another brand. But it's already a splurge that I can't afford right now, in the scheme of things. Priorities, priorities, priorities. 

If I want a change of scenery, I have my trusty LV Neverfull. Someday, I would love to feel the texture of other coveted brands. Meantime, my love affair with Kate continues...



  1. Where do you buy your Kates? :) US pa? I bought one bag before and wasn't able to use it kay it was sooo small! :( Tapos I had difficulty with Customs pa. Hay.

  2. Hi Febz, up until last month I buy my kate stuff from a friend in the US. He ships it here. Sadly though, he had a cardiac arrest :-( although, I think his sister would continue the business. So sayang kasi the items I bought from him were way cheaper than the shops here. I'll update you :-))

    Have a blessed week, Febz!