Friday, June 7, 2013


I have heard/read about Loudbasstard late last year. I thought it was a cool product. It has an organic feel to it. Plus, it sort of make a fantastic contrast to an otherwise hi-tech gadget these days -- iPod, iPhone, iPad or whatever it is that's your music source. 

For the love of music. This is a hand-crafted bamboo speaker dock. Made from Philippine bamboo and rattan.

It comes in different colors.

Although, it made an impression on me on two things -- hello, cheeky name! and it's a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product -- attributes that get my stamp of approval, it didn't cross my mind to actually own one.

I just promptly filed it away in my head. Over the weekend, while I was recuperating from a bad case of stomach bug, the hubby nudged me into buying one for him. I said I'd do it on a weekday. I did not feel like doing anything except to sleep away the pain and the fatigue. 

Come Tuesday, I did check out the online shop that carries Loudbasstard. There are many shops that carry the brand but we chose ZeroThreeTwo. Now, I find the name very hip and cool. Zero Three Two (032) happens to be Cebu's zip code. I think it's the inspiration of the name.

The next night, I got a text message verifying the color I chose. The next day, another message sent to confirm courier via LBC. The text also came with a request for a tweet and instagram of the item. "Of course, I will," was my reply. 

Today, I received the package from the mail. Our office in-charge of mails promptly delivered it on my desk. After signing the acknowledgment form, I happily opened it (way before the rightful owner hihihi). 
This is in Bordeaux. Classy. (PhP1199)
I find it really swell that I found a cute note inside. It's signed ZeroThreeTwo but I would venture into saying that it's penned by Mr Carlo Villarica. My hint is from the sender's name on the package. 

ZeroThreeTwo is Cebu's Marketplace for Urban Essentials.
I found myself reading the blogs on the site. If I may say, I love Cebu. My three-year residence in that city proved to be the best decision I made. I spent my early 20s there with much affection -- urban living, lifelong friends, and all. Go check out the site!

Now back to our best purchase this month, the Loudbasstard bamboo speaker dock in Bordeaux. I say it truly lives up to its claim -- 100% awesome. I've road-tested it and it does really sound great. 

Go get one for yourself, your partner, your friend or loved one. It's 100% sustainable and uses no electricity. Lessens our carbon footprint, right?




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