Wednesday, June 5, 2013


How does it feel to be twenty-two? It's been such a long time ago but that was the age I bravely left my comfort zone and worked in the big city. Many things and experiences have happened since. I feel ancient already. 

One of those things that remind me of being young is surrounding myself with pretty young friends. One of them just celebrated her twenty-second birthday. It's awesome, right? She's one of those few who are very down-to-earth people. She's also a  talented writer, painter, and collector of all things miniature. 

Happy birthday, Dawn!
 She hosted a farewell dinner -- adieu to 21!
Thanks for the scrumptious dinner, Dawn! 

I know you had your share of yummy Sonja's cupcakes for dessert but I actually think you'd love these things I found for you. 

Miniature carriages.

For a picnic with Sam!

For your dainty kitchen.

Nice office! Sleek.

And to keep you organized.
I hope I made you smile! Happy birthday, Dawn! I know in my heart that wonderful and great things are going to happen for you. The world is waiting for you to conquer it. 

Here's a lovely topiary for you.
 I look forward to many years of friendship, food hunts and great conversations. 



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