Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sumilon Island Getaway

In a tropical country like the Philippines, Summer starts sometime in March and promptly ends at the tail end of May. As an archipelago, we boast of beaches and islands that can accommodate any whims and desire. Naturally, everyone goes on a summer holiday between March and May... including us.

Unfortunately, this year we apparently missed the memo. Ha ha. We made our reservations -- air tickets and hotel sometime in March but set the date towards the end of June. Everyone is aghast. You don't go to the beach in June. Because it's already the start of the rainy season. Awesome!

Yet, we braved the odds. Work schedules did not permit us to frolic in the sun during summer. So, we're bringing the sun in June. We discovered this little piece of paradise named Sumilon Island, in the southernmost tip of the province of Cebu. 

Last Thursday, amidst a weather forecast of a typhoon, we boarded Cebu Pacific's flight to Dumaguete City, our jump-off point to the island. One hour later, we were fetched by the ground staff of the Bluewater Sumilon Resort. We took a 10 minute trip to the Sibulan Pier. There we rode a small passenger ferry to take us to Liloan, Santander. The boat cruised for 30 minutes. 

On board the ferry, our excitement is really building seeing the sun rising hot and the water crystal clear. We can feel it in our bones. The next three days would be amazing. 

From the pier, we were again fetched by the staff of Bluewater Sumilon Resort. We drove for about 10 minutes. We arrived at its inland reception office for briefing and for the final boat ride to the island. 
The private pier of Sumilon.

We learned that the island is a marine sanctuary. There are some guidelines to follow so as not to disturb the habitat of sea-dwelling creatures. 
The destination: Bluewater Sumilon Resort

This greets you upon arrival.

Excited to get settled, we head off to the resort's pavillon for check-in and lunch. 

We learned that the island has 14 villas only. Secluded and not crowded.

For those who wants to curl up with a book while listening to the waves.

The infinity pool has a tree in the middle and the sides. It's unique in a way that it provides shade when the sun is at its hottest and I think the trees were already there when the pool was built. So, 10 points for ecosystem sensibility.

Our unanimous activity of choice was to take a dip at the waters surrounding the sand bar. 
The sand is far from the fine grains of Boracay but boy, this here is exclusive!

The water is breathtakingly clear. On our first day, we had the whole beach by ourselves. 

The obligatory shot! hahaha

We took the second day nice and slow. Woke up to the sound of surf lapping up the low cliff across our villa. 

We have some 'template' shots like floating as a group, jump shots, and other fun moves we try to capture. This year, I cannot swim. I had an ear infection which the EENT told me to be careful with in submerging into the sea. So, all I did in this holiday was wade into the water. Ha ha ha.

We said no to the island trekking but we did try kayaking at the lagoon. Scary and fun. 

We planned to feed the fish but maneuvering the kayak was harder than I thought it would be. We drifted!
They snorkeled. I watched. We saw some flying fish. And school of fish pass by like they have no care in the world. And this is in the part of the sea that is just waist deep. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be if we were more than 10-ft deep. 

You can also watch or swim with the whale shark in Oslob. The resort can arrange it for you. Just a few minutes off the island. We didn't have the time to do this activity. Perhaps next time.

It must be a good diving site as diving boats had been dropping off divers a few meters off the sandbar. 

Of course, we ate. The food though needs to be revisited. Am not sure if they have an in-house chef but the food served was just so-so. Except for the pizza which was really good, everything else was blah. And considering that it's an island, I would have expected succulent seafood fare. 

The idyllic island makes you want to forget the world you left behind and just be totally in the moment. Not a care in the world. I'd say we had a totally awesome vacation. The ten thousand we spent (per person; including air fare) was totally worth the view and the experience and the chance to have peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Until the next sand, sea and sun!


Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob,
Cebu, Philippines 6025

Phone: (63 32) 318 3129 / 318 9098
Mobile: 0917 631 7512 / 0999 885 8337



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