Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching up and Poco Deli

You know how it is when you're friends with someone yet you seldom go out with? Or talk with? Yet there was never anything that mired it except that you belong to different circles. And you just know that the friendship is there, firmly rooted. 

I think Mira and I have that. I don't remember exactly when we became friends. But I know that it was in the early part of my transition from the province to the big city. We played badminton, climbed a mountain (once), and had the occasional dinner. And shared many cuppas. And she set me up with my now hubby, Tyrone. Wheee!  

And as always, when we set the time to chat or bump into each other anywhere in the workplace, we just pick up things where we left off. It doesn't matter how long ago the last time we actually had a long chat. 
My pretty and talented friend, Mira.
After so many false starts, missed/tangled schedule, we managed to catch up over lunch at Poco Deli in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I think that it's always a good idea to reconnect over food. 

The first time I was there I was too hungry to take pictures. This time, I didn't want to interrupt our conversation with my constant need to click away. We only have a little over an hour for lunch break :-) (So, I promise to update this post in the next few days with more photos.)
This is Mira's. Australian Steak Sandwich (P220). 
Mine. Bacon Slab (P320).
Let me talk a little bit about the bacon slab. It's only two pieces and yet I was only able to finish one. It's about an inch thick, very juicy and tasty. I realized that this is the second time I ordered this. That good.

Poco Deli is a deli that offers artisanal sausages, comfort breakfast food, pasta, pizza, cakes and wine. 

Reconnecting with friends can be had in this homey restaurant. Unlike other delis, Poco Deli does not come out as a stop-and-go place. It has this certain pull that lets you sit down and talk while you savor your meal.

Poco Deli
Unit 9 Ayala Triangle Gardens
Paseo de Roxas Ave., Makati City

Thanks, Mira for sharing a wonderful meal with me. Great lunch!



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