Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Labor Day Hump Day

To the men and women who toil for their family's needs and future, I salute your dedication, diligence, hard work and resilience. No matter the economy, you don't throw in the towel because your loved ones depend on you.
A special salute to the blue collar workers! You never had it easy. The work is demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. You toil mostly in harsh conditions-- either under the blistering heat of the sun or the chilling effects of heavy rains and winds. 

To my parents who toiled on the hard earth, patiently caring for the bananas you grow --as they're our bread and butter, finding solace in the "green-ness" of the banana leaves taking it as a sign for good tidings... of a bright future ahead -- THANK YOU!

I may not have thanked you enough. But I want to give a shout out to the world that whatever success I've attained, it's all because of your vision and the buckets of sweat you've shed those years you sent us to school to get our education. 

A toast to the likes of me who takes a breather today to celebrate Labor Day. 

If you're not the wine loving kind, maybe you'd rather sip this best tasting beer in the world!
This day is ours alone. And the world's cogs are on a halt for the laborers are on a holiday.




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