Sunday, September 23, 2012

Help me Win an iPad!

Show me some love. Please? I am an Avon Philippines' associate and it is running an internal program to generate Facebook Fans. 

It is giving away an iPad to the associate who can get more referrals to like the Avon Philippines Facebook page. 

I already have an iPad but I figured that should I win this promo, my siblings and niece and nephew would have something to tinker with. You see, they've always had to go to an internet cafe for their internet use. Perhaps, I can don my Santa hat in December and make them all happy with just one gift. 

Here's how you can bring a smile to my siblings in the barrio. Imagine that, you'll be bringing them closer to technology considering that they live in the barrio. 

Participating is so easy but it requires a dose of patience. Here's how.  

1.  Click this link: Facebook/Avon Philippines
 When you click this link, the image below appears:
First step: Click the LOGIN (Your Facebook login). See encircled part of the picture above.
2. After logging in, the picture below appears. 
Step 2: Here's the part where you LIKE the fan page of Avon Philippines. See encircled picture.
3. At this point, you're almost done. Just one more thing and equally important. Here's the part where you type in my name: Shiela Culpa
Step 3: You'll have to type in my name so it could be put on record that I did, referred you to our fan page.
  4. Yay! Just one more thing. Remember to click, ENTER.
Step 4: See I've encircled my name so you get the idea (read: am desperately begging you, hahaha). Click the box that says, ENTER. 

Viola! You have just helped me increase my chances of winning the iPad. I don't have anything to give but my sincere THANK YOU. And an Avon product. Just leave a comment below so I can send you the item. 

Please follow me: 
@shiela_culpa  (Twitter)
@shenglu (Pinterest)
@shenglu (instagram) 



  1. I can also give my sincere thank you if we make it to 200,000 fans!

  2. Friend, lahat na ng groups na kasali ako shinare ko na ang post na ito. I don't know how much persuasive powers do I have. Lol.