Thursday, January 17, 2013

the other side of life

Adversity. They say that when it rains, it pours. It can work both ways -- the good and the ugly. 

I have a dose of what ugly can be. In my personal life, I am going through a process of letting go. I realized that some broken things are meant to be thrown away. No matter how you try to fix, it can still be ugly. 

I had always thought that I am pretty much level-headed. But some people especially the ones you chose to be with have deep-seated issues that make you wonder, have I not done enough? 

But it didn't really make me lose sleep. I think it validates my resolve to break the cycle of negativity in my life. I don't even feel sad about it. I truly think that I can move on with my life, if I choose a different path now. Just thinking about it makes me feel secure in the knowledge that I will survive and triumph over this big hump. 

It's a chapter that's closed. And then, just when I thought a storm has passed, another one showed up in my horizon. 

The news was disheartening but also humbling. It made me face my vulnerabilities as well as my strengths. And so I soldiered on. And then it happened. When a door closes, a window opens. 
Keep looking up, there might just be a rainbow up on the clouds. (Photo credit: Pinterest)
So, today I stride with lighter steps, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the rainbow. And that veil of malignant sadness, be finally lifted up. 

Thank you, universe for making things happen. Thank you, God for ever so faithfully providing in spite of my unfaithfulness. Indeed, your mercy and grace abound. 


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