Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Over the years, I've noticed my changing affinity to brands is largely influenced by my ever progressing and changing body shape. The change is not on the up-side. However, I've learned to dress for my shape. 

Yes, I know that I should engage in a healthy activities that will help me control my weight. Whilst getting there, I have to face the realities of dressing for my body, now. 

Right now, the choices are fewer than I would have wanted . But you accept the cards you're dealt with. So, you're lucky when certain brands offer a better alternative. Take for example, Mango. The price (average  = P1,400) point is just right. The quality never fails to impress me. I have clothes that lasted me years. And the styles are up to my alley. I gravitate towards basic styles because I don't want to over-think on my clothes choices. 

If there's a wash and wear hair, to me, there's also a wash and wear type of dresses. Every morning in the shower, I already think about what I'd wear. Oftentimes, I get it right without a mirror to help me figure it out. 
This black shift dress would be a no brainer.
On those days that you feel like the fiery side of you must come out.
On off days, the casual basics come in handy. And for a tropical country where heat and humidity are part of everyday life, breathable cotton is the way to go. 
And for those dress up nights or days, this dress is perfect. Hello, summer!

I am constantly amazed at how life in the city is different from my barrio. Where I come from mango is a fruit -- we eat it either green or ripe. But in the big city, Mango is worn summer or rainy days. And yeah, they're both available season.

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