Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Out Red

I rarely go gaga over a lipstick. Excuse me, lippy. It seems like this is the hip term, nowadays. How does Make Out Red sound to you? When we were handed out samples of the new Avon Lipsticks called Totally Kissable, I eagerly ripped out its shrink wrap, twisted it and glide it on my lips.

I have this uncanny ability to put color on my lips without the aid of a mirror. I just sort of feel my way around my lips. And so when that first glide felt like a smooth butter, I had to see the result. 

In the semi-darkness of the Mandarin Oriental's ballroom under yellow lights, I borrowed a friends mirror and gasped. Whoa. It's a lovely shade of red. Make Out Red, indeed. Just right for the occasion to lip lock. Or amps up the probability of it.

There are 10 Totally Kissable shades to choose from Make Out Red to Berry Smooch!Intrigued enough? Take your pick here

Now, if you're a lipstick monster just like Anne Curtis (Avon Color endorser) then, you might just want to get them all. 


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