Monday, February 11, 2013

Art Galore

I cannot claim to be an art lover. I only know one thing, a gallery always interest me. I take the time to look at the pieces especially the ones that are pretty, vivid and astonishing to behold. I only know of a few artists -- the one I can recognize the works like Cacnio and Orlina. 

Needless to say, I have vowed to myself that one day I will own my piece of art. What deters me? Well, the price of a painting can be prohibitive. But it has always been in my bucket list. 

Almost a decade ago, I came across this artist Berny Supsupin. He's the husband of my former boss. The first time I met him was in their townhouse. Upon entry to the foyer, there was this large painting of a scenery that depicts a feast. I was awestruck. It was beyond beautiful. Since then, I've never stopped telling him that one day, I would own one of his works. 

Years passed. Life took over. And then in October of last year, I got married. We invited them but distance and time prevented them from going. Would have loved to have them there. They knew me when I was a bit younger and still unsure of what life has to offer me -- having long conversations and dinner with them. And am sentimental like that.

But I had a surprise waiting. This beautiful painting was handed out to me by Ms Mitzie (the wife and my former boss). Whoa. Beautiful.
Musikero (24"x 18")
I promised to myself that our home shall have more pieces from Mr Berny. Just waiting for God's appointed time that we get to own our dream home. 

Some of his pieces that are on display at his gallery. 
Dragon Fly
Gold Fish
Mother and Child

Fish Vendor
To see more of his more, check him out at: 
Art Studio, 5-F waling waling st., Nieves Hills Subd San Isidro, Angono, Rizal  
(in front of INC Church). 


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