Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine

This is not my personal valentine story. It is a collective valentine celebration of people who works in one of the coolest companies on earth. We, at Avon have a penchant for celebrating public holidays, the Avon way. 

Today is no exception. We were in for a treat! Paolo Santos (@misteracoustic on twitter) serenaded everyone with his trademark croon. When it was first announced via email that he would be our guest, I was skeptical. I thought there wasn't anything exciting about it. 

But I love 'Midnight over Paris,' so I went up to our 10th floor hallway to listen/watch. We arrived at the floor packed with so many associates. So, we crept our way there at the front where we had a good vantage view of the guests. 

The misteracoustic had me at the first notes of 'Get here'; we hummed along. Then it hit me, his kind of music were the ones on heavy rotation when I was in my 20s. Now, I hardly turn on the radio so I am clueless about new songs, new artists. And am hopeless with lyrics! We had to Google 'Moonlight over Paris' so we can sing along out-of-tune. Ha ha.

Going back to Paolo, he didn't disappoint with his performance. He played with panache. He entertained us so well, we more clamoring for more. 

Thank you, Paolo for a mini-concert. We had a blast. 
happy faces!
My Avon valentine got even better. We were given this tasty cupcakes as a treat. And of course, this morning I received a single rose. I can't properly thank the person who gave it because there was no note. But whoever you are, am sure you're a good friend. So, thank you. Happy valentine to you, too. 

And this yummy bucket-full of chocolates from Dawn with a beautiful hand illustration of my name and an icon of me -- java cup!

Dear Avon Philippines, thank you for making this day an awesome corporate valentine.  We feel the love. You rock, Avon! This barrio girl is in valentine heaven!

Happy valentine, everyone.


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