Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts Galore!

I still believe in Santa. Even if I know that it's just bollocks. But it's part of my childhood that I retained, unconsciously. I've just assigned attributes to my adult Santa. They can be my loved ones, friends or colleagues. 

I love the joy of ripping off gift wrappers. I relish the joy of being pleasantly surprised. 

This year, I've been blessed with new friendships that widens my horizon, old friendships that continue to blossom, opportunities that are ripe for the picking and that general sense of well-being. And as the season of gift-giving flourish, I've received my fair share of material as non-material presents. Some of the things I received that tickled my imagination.
Me-an thinks that am a foxy lady <3
Inside that bag is a kick-ass pair of jammies!
cute amethyst cocktail ring.
just the right tool I need to keep my wires organized. thanks Mara!
bag organizer from Erica!didn't know I need to have a new one until I got this. spell love.
cute and yum. thanks, Ed!
 These are just some of the love I received that I had a chance to take a picture of. Am feeling the love. 



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