Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Dinner at Barcino

'Tis the season to celebrate friendship!

Last Wednesday, we joined the multitude who celebrate the season. Like everyone else, our version is comprised of dinner and gift-giving. A week before the dinner date, we picked our Christmas baby. And an email blast was sent so that everyone can express their wishes. A day or so later, we already have a working wishlist board. 

For a very minimum amount as the price of the gift, everyone of us went crazy imagining what would truly be that something we wish to receive. As this is an adult version, ahem, we are really trying to be grown ups, we responded with fervor that item that we fancy to receive. I, for one went crazier than everyone else because I almost wished for the moon. One of my friends brought me back to earth when she emailed back saying I should stick to the budget. Sobered, I asked for a pair of non-brand jammie :-). 

Because we worked in Avon, we went together to Greenbelt 5. But we dispersed as soon as we were out of the parking lot. Ha! We had to buy yet our gifts! Mind you, we had just a few minutes to spare but we were determined to take great pains even in shopping, even in selecting the gift wrapper. 

At 7:30pm, we all trooped to Barcino at Greenbelt 2. Our tummies were already grumbling by the time we got there. Good thing Kat, Erica, and Me-an had the good sense to order ahead. 
Always ready for the camera -- Erica & Me-an. These girls rock it!
Tres Marias: Mei, Erica and Me-an.
Yes, the first thing they ordered is a pitcher of sangria. 
A pitcher of sangria (P840) quenches the thirst.
I must say, service is fast in this tapas place. Our food arrived in no time, at all. 
Pretty hand? That's Kat's. Food: Fideua (P395). It's crisp noodles with shrimps, drizzled with mayonnaise. The lime gives it a certain tartness that counter the richness of mayo.
Datiles con Bacon (P195).
We had Paella Negra (P375) and Tapas Gourmet (P725). In light of the state we were in, we just forget to take snap shots. 

Customary to all our dinners, the conversation continued long after we were filled to the brim. And no one has thought of the exchange gift ceremony, yet. Hahaha. 
Now, I remember why couldn't leave yet. Mara and Mars are still a no-show. They double-booked themselves, ahem.
We wanted dessert at Bizu. So, we paid our bill and head there. At Bizu, we ordered coffee and its famous macarons. But the most memorable is the moment of discovery of who our mommy is and the gift that we kinda know what yet we still believe in being surprised. Labo. Hahaha. 
Bizu Macarons (P45 each). Yum.
Bizu Cake.
Cafe Mocha (P145)
 When the excitement couldn't be contained anymore, we just had to wing it. 
These are the treasures waiting to be unearthed!
Merry Christmas, gals!
And then, the kicker of the night. Me-an has outdone everyone. She brought her gifts for us. Aw.
Great gifts come in small packages :-)
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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