Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Skin Care Alert!

They say that great skin is the foundation of beauty. Lucky for those who have been born with good genes they're predisposed to having soft, smooth and supple skin. For the rest of us, we need help, every now and then. 

In my adolescent years, I only worried on the occasional zit or the threat of it. My aunt, who didn't know better, made me use astringent on my skin. What I distinctly remember is that whenever I do use it, my skin gets that tight feeling and it becomes flaky. Other than the usual oiliness that I have to combat, I had a relatively worry-free adolescent years.  

When you're in your early 20's, your skin is at it's peak -- glowing and healthy. But the smog and pollution, plus stress can take a toll. It dulls the skin and all the early signs of aging show up. When untreated, you'll just be aghast at the sight staring at you in the mirror. 

Because I am one person who doesn't want to fuss so much about my skin, I keep my regimen to a minimum. I just do a basic skin care program: cleanse, tone and moisture. Then, there's the barely frequent specialization on problem areas such as the eyes for crows feet and under eye circles, laugh lines along the sides of the mouth and worry lines on the forehead and even that squint line in between the brows. 

I also want to get value for money. Good thing I work for a beauty company. At least I get a little more information on what works and what doesn't. All these years, I have come to conclude that my skin responds well to the Anew line of Avon. It's a high-tech line of skin care products that delivers the result of professional dermatological procedures at the comfort of one's home and at a fraction of their cost. 

And because I am from Avon, I get to try any new line that gets introduced. And because I am in a perpetual search for a product that costs less but will help delay or turn back the time, I submit myself to road test each one that comes along. My vote, hands down, goes to Anew Rejuvenate. 
Anew Rejuvenate.
I believe it's what keeps me looking younger than most of my contemporaries. 
Being 30ish is not a bad thing, at all.(Needless to say, I love anything purple or shades thereof. Dress: Ilaya at the Archeology section of Rockwell Power Plant Mall. To hide my very chunky arms, I wore an H&M cardigan.

What about you, what's your beauty arsenal? Share your beauty secret. 

Disclaimer: Yes, I work for Avon but am not writing this for the company. It's my personal testimony of how effective this line is.

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