Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mamou Too!

My girlfriends and I have a rehearsal of sorts. Our Christmas dinner would be on 7 December yet. But last Friday, 2 December, we had this brilliant idea of a Friday pampering night slash bazaar trek. Come night time however, we discarded the nails session as we were all famished. 

We didn't make any prior reservations but we have already made plans to eat at Mamou Too at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. I just can't get enough. You see, I had my first Christmas Dinner with my former roomie Judy at Mamou in Serendra in Bonifacio Global City. The food is just so great that I didn't mind coming back with just a few days in between. 
Girls' Night Out. (L-R) Me-an, Erica, Mara, Armin, Moi and Mei


We really don't like to cam whore but we want to look back to this night with fondness. And so we snapped away. To us, bonding means either coffee, food or both interspersed with hearty conversations. Here's what we've partaken.
Linguine Al Nero (P325). Never mind the black ink that may coat your teeth jet black. 

Lamb Tapa with Salsa Pina (P395). Still Erica's order. She doesn't eat much, actually. Lol.

Venison Curry with Buttered Parsley Rice (P395). Mara's scrumptious choice.

Adobo Flakes with Bettlenut Red Rice (P295).

There's a long list of choices in the menu but we just have to order the same -- Mei, Armin and Me. Ha ha.We're crazy like that. 

Then, I had this bright idea of ordering a bottle of red wine. It made the night more festive. And I must say, it made me so buzzed and woozy. I couldn't stop laughing all through the night.
California Red (P1150). Chilled, eh?

All through the night, our dinner was peppered with anecdotes of our life in the office, the latest in showbiz as disclosed in twitter and what have you. It's really good to be spending the night with people you respect and you want to be friends with. 

After dinner prettiness.

We closed the restaurant that night. But the night was still young so we head to the nearby bazaar at the Rockwell Tent. We roamed around, tried some interesting jewellery, checked out some knickknacks and bought some gift stuff. 

As I've said, this is just a prelude. Tomorrow night is our real Christmas dinner complete with exchange gift, the works.

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