Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life's Tragedy

We've always equated the Christmas season to be of celebration, of merriment, of sharing. It's a holiday from our normal lives. Just a few days before the Christmas Eve, a tragedy happened. 

In the most unlikely places, two cities in Mindanao experienced a flash flood that claimed hundreds of lives. In one night, people perish and properties lost. It's devastating to know that it could have been prevented. Illegal logging is cited as one of the culprits of this tragic event. We could have been better stewards of the environment. 

And coming from the ravages of Typhoon Ondoy in Manila and Typhoon Reming in Northern Luzon, I thought we've all learned our lessons. Apparently, logging is still an active business in Mindanao. Sad, really sad. 

On one hand, it reminds me of how futile our own efforts are. Life can be just taken away from us in an instant. It comes like a thief in the night. No one is prepared, enough. And no one is spared due to his vast wealth or political standing. Death is a great equalizer. 

Hopefully, we have truly learned the lessons this time. And that our collective consciousness as a country will ensure that we take better care of the environment to prevent another catastrophe. 

The Filipino resilience is an admirable trait. We've always been like a bamboo. We have the ability to bounce back regardless of the intensity of the wind. And our sense of brotherhood is so strong that everyone rallies to help in whatever way we can. 

The good news is there is hope. Ironically, it's the message of the season -- hope in the love of the savior who took our place in the cross so that we may have life.

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