Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wrong Ramen

I've heard about the fuss and hype about Wrong Ramen about a month ago. We tried going there once but we were turned away; long queue. We can't wait as our tummies are grumbling already. 

Sunday night, Tyrone and I braved the long walk from High Street to Burgos Circle. Lo and behold, the place is on a steady pace. We got our table in less than 10 minutes. 

Wrong Ramen serves homemade Hakata-style (thin and firm) noodles in a huge bowl of hot soup.

Tyrone ordered The Communist. He loved it. According to him, it has the right amount of kick, spicy as it is.
Inspired by Chinese hotpots: Seven Asian spices in a fiery red pork broth topped with sliced chashu and burnt garlic oil (P395)
I, on the other hand, had this. I have to admit, I didn't like it much. So-so for me. I think what undid it for me is the milky taste. I have a slight derision for cream-based dishes. I compensated by adding a lot of pepper. But then again, even in my own cooking, pepper is a fixture.
If you're sensitive to pork fat: a lighter version of their classic tonkotsu. Served with shredded chashu. (P290)

We shared this yummy rice wrappers! Dipping them in the sauce is a delight. It tastes really good. I'd recommend this anytime to go with any of the Ramen.
Shredded chashu rolled in rice wrappers. Served with ponzu sauce. (P140)

We also had tofu. But there's nothing special about it. And I forgot to take a picture. Ha ha.

What I love about this restaurant is it's cosmopolitan feel. Anyone who walks in would feel comfortable right away. In fact, there were a lot of solo diners that evening. So, it gets my vote. No squirmy feeling there. 

It also is very cheeky. There's a framed origami-like text that says YOLO (you only live once) in one corner. On the landing of the second floor stairs are a set of clocks. Underneath it has this text: International Branches (We wish) Tokyo, New York, etc 

Good humor, eh? And optimistic. 

Service is really fast. And the wait staff are polite and not annoying, at all. 

Wrong Ramen is located at: 
Forbes Town Center
Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City

Go ahead, check it out for yourself. It's a pleasant experience. By the way, they don't accept reservations. I think it's part of the experience they'd want to foster. That feeling where you can just duck in anytime, at your favorite neighborhood Ramen house.



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