Monday, May 20, 2013

Nick Vujicic

How would you feel if you woke up one day without arms and legs? Am sure it would be a horrible situation to be in. Imagine, being born into this world without them. And imagine, the helplessness of anyone who has the means to help but can't because the power of physician's to heal (in this case, grow limbs) is limited. 

There's one person who preaches the joy one can have in spite of disability or being differently-abled. His message is shared through his Ministry Without Limbs. His name is Nick Vujicic

Last Sunday, my good friend Erika invited me to attend the 11am service of Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF). Nick will speak about his ministry. He's in the Philippines for a show at the Araneta Coliseum. Of course, I accepted. I wanted to hear this man who did not just overcome his limitation but is joyfully sharing the message of God's love and grace.  

Speaking of which, I feel like I got a second chance that day. You see on my way to church, I had an easy cab ride (hubby was out-of-town; my license is expired) but when I got near the church... it was total chaos. I was a stone's throw away but it took me an hour to get to the other side of the road where Tiendesitas is. 

Never mind my cab rate, I was more worried about being late. I wanted to be there. But the devil sabotaged my disposition. He placed me in a situation where my impatience, brattiness and utter single-mindedness that I succumbed. The taxi ride that took forever ended up depositing me at the wrong end of the street (Silver City). 

I got lost in the Tiendesitas area. I actually forgot to ask Erika what exactly is the name of the building so I can find it. Too late, that day calls won't go through. The sun was at it's hottest and everyone I asked for direction, pointed me vaguely towards the end of the road. 

After going in circles, I pouted and whined in my head (there's no one to bitch about with), for an hour, I decided to just look for an ATM so I can go home and just be done with it. Am parched. And I have no money in my wallet. But alas, the only ATM I found inside  Tiendesitas was offline. 

Since I can't take a cab back, I decided to walk back to Silver City. I figured that there should be at least one bank there since it's a mall. I've gone full circle. And by this time, madder as mad can get. Starving, too. 

I cooled my head off inside Starbucks and I read. Meantime, Erika has been texting, coaxing me to have lunch instead then, we can go back to church for the 3pm service. It took me a while to respond. I was still simmering. In my mind, I dubbed it as my disaster Sunday. What a mess!

Reluctantly though, I let her fetch me. And am glad I did. My mess became a message. The 3pm service didn't have Nick speaking in person. He needed to rest because he's throat is bothering him and as I mentioned he had a large crowd waiting at the coliseum the day after. 

But the power of his video message was just as powerful. He talked about challenges, deformities and heart ache. He preached that all these are real to him and yet by the grace of God, he is able and joyfully sharing God's message of salvation. 

My prayer at this moment is for you to take the time to listen and watch this video.

 My takeaway to his message are: 

1. Your circumstance does not define you.  It's the decision about your circumstance that does. 
2. Life without suffering is not God's plan for all of us. Eternal happiness awaits those who are heaven-bound in the many mansions God has built for his children where roads are paved in gold.
3. No one is strong enough to take on the world. Only God can soothe our pain. Philippians 4:13 promises that "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". 
5. You are on this earth for a purpose. And that is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 
6. God does not break his promises. 
7. Our mission is to know Christ and make him known... to all the ends of the earth. 
8. Amidst our brokenness, God sees someone beautiful and worthy of His love and grace. 
9. When we stumble, He picks us up, time and time again. 
10. We should step out in faith. 

My morning was a mess. God has a seriously funny way of showing me the minuteness of my plight in the great scheme of things. What a blessing!

 Have a blessed week, friends!



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