Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend with the In-laws

I spent the weekend with my in-laws. It's very rare that they're both in the city so we planned for a Tagaytay weekend. But alas, the planners slept late. We ended up just having lunch at their house. 

By sundown, we went to the mall. And we played bowling. Yes, Tyrone and I played bowling with the Father in-law. Coolness, eh? Up the ante as we were playing against a 63 year old. Who beat us in the game. 

I spent seemingly half of my college days at the bowling lanes on my off hours. I even had to ask for extra allowance to pay for those endless games with friends. I just don't remember my average score back then. I only remember the memories of those chalky hands and sweaty brows. Then, wake up with a dull pain on the arms and legs. 

It's been years since I last played. That is why it was really a blast to be playing again last weekend. 

Sunday came. It's the MIL's birthday. She didn't want cake. So we bought her a gift. Lately, I've been obsessed with tea pots, saucers and macaroon plates. I bought one for her and for me. Wheee! 
Lavender Tea Pot from Gourdo's -- one of my fave stores!

The amazing thing is whenever I go to their QC house I find so many cute little things I want to bring home. It's a treasure trove of everything nice and pretty. She has small decanters, patterned china, cute tea cups and even ice cream glasses. All vintage!

So, I knew she'd love our gift. She plans to bring it to Cebu (in their second home). I've noticed that she has also started to fill her china cabinet with small little trinkets that I want to raid one of these days. 

Secretly, I want those to be our heirloom when the time comes. Never mind the house, the jewelry. Just those vintage china would be enough. 

All in all, the weekend spent with the in-laws was a blast. 



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