Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy birthday, Erika!

Sissy, it's your birthday today. I thought of putting together a pic collage but you already do that. I was thinking of doing something really special like say a crafty birthday card but you know that I have no talent in that department. 

I thought of writing you a really sweet Facebook shoutout. But it dawned on me that you deserve a whole blog page not just a cheesy shoutout. 

Allow me to rattle thirty six things about you. Not to be construed as your age, I just thought it's cool to write as many as 36. 

1. You're a beautiful person, inside and out. 
2. You're a cool mother to three beautiful and talented kids. 
3. You have the tenacity of a monk -- you work hard for your kids, you are in the forefront of all of their milestones. 
4. You're a good provider -- love, shelter.
5. You love your kids in equal measures.
6. You have the gift of an artist -- your hand strokes create beautiful faces.
7. You can whip healthy dishes. Healthy delivery, anyone?
8. You're generous with your time, talent and resources. 
9. You have the ability to smile at whatever life throws you. 
10. You cry at a moment's notice. 
11. You're feisty yet restrained. 
12. You're crazy about selfies. 
13. You're gullible when it comes to my deadpan announcements. 
14. You're a resourceful woman. 
15. You have no mean bone in your body. 
16. You're a wonderful daughter. Your mom left you a good legacy.
17. You're extremely patient. Not only with your kids.
18. You're nuts about TV shows like American Idol.
19. You're opinionated when it comes to singer wannabes.
20. You're the perfect roommate.
21. You read as much as you watch television.
22. You're a good listener.
23. You feed on life experiences.
24. You're always on the look out for good deals in groupons.
25. You don't eat rice but you like sweets.
26. You're scared of driving but you braved it.
27. You're calm even if we almost hit an old man.
28. You're crazy about the help being always on Facebook. You want CCTV at home.
29. You're candid about Chyna's suitor but deep inside you're scared.
30. You pray hard that your children grow up God fearing and successful.
31. You want to go back to the theater but it can't feed you so you don't.
32. You forget a lot of things but not the people who matter.
33. You love breakfast buffets.
34. Wine and cheese, anytime.
35. You are an awesome friend.
36. You are a child of God.

Have a wonderful year, my friend. My prayer is for you to continue to enjoy your fellowship with God. And I wish that the floodgates of the heavens open up and shower you all the blessings that your heart desire. 

Thank you for making me beautiful on my wedding day! I can't thank you enough. Thank you for the gift of friendship. Know that you have a friend in us (Tyrone and me) for life.

When you hit a bump on the road, be assured that we will cheer you on. Hugs and kisses to Dallas who share a special bond with you -- mother and son celebrating the same special day. That is so awesome.




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