Friday, April 5, 2013

Running Shoes

I grew up in a large family of six. My parents are simple folks in the province whose ultimate dream in life is to provide the best education they can afford to their children. My mother used to say it's (education) the only thing they can leave behind for us. 

Even in a rural setting, I already knew that I will never have what other kids can have. My parents always focused on the essentials only. When K-Swiss, LA Gear, Tretorn and Chuck Taylor were in vogue... I never had them. Only when in college did I have my one and only Trets.

We only buy non-brand. Ha! Never did I think that it can be chic. Muji, anyone? Not to digress, my point is that to me back then a shoe is just a shoe. There's just one sports shoes and it's called a rubber shoes.

Little did I know that a rubber shoes has many types. Now, am bewildered by the variety of choices. There's a kind of rubber shoes for everything. Walking, running, cross-training, football, casual -- you name it. Not to mention the kind of stance you have determines the kind of running shoes you should be wearing. Ugh. Am not even a real runner. I jog and brisk walk.

The hubby has about sever pairs. And he's not done yet. He plans to buy a bike shoes since he bikes. Whoa! Growing up, you can just ride a bike even with just a pair of slippers on. Some kids even bike barefoot. Ha ha ha. 

City living and the complexities of its lifestyle. Everything is assigned value and usage. No one particular thing, like shoes, can be worn for every related activities. It has to be different or else. 

I remember trekking Mount Kinabalu in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. I was dead set on wearing a pair of rubber shoes. (Well, it's a new pair because my old one died on me while we were trekking in a mountain somewhere in Batangas.) But no, my friends recommended that I buy a mountaineering shoes. I bought and sa awa ng Diyos (by God's mercy) that was the only time I wore it. 

One fine night three weeks ago, my running shoes (which I bought on sale) gave up on me. I can say that it served me well. Three years is a long-term relationship. 

It took me a lot of cajoling to buy at the regular shops. I wanted to go all the way to Paseo de Sta Rosa in Laguna to buy in the outlet stores. Yes, am niggardly in that sense. I just want functional shoes. (Note: It's a different story for pumps and flats. *wink*)

Yet I looked around at Bonifacio High Street's row of sporting houses; I saw a nice pair of purple Nike's. Yikes, it's P5000! I had to move on. No way am paying that much. So, I had to settle for a few seasons (technology) old running pair. And it's white with orange trimmings on the sole. 
Nike Flyknit Lunar+1: The perfect fit, for the perfect run. (Obviously, this is not what I got. Lol)
No swag. But it was light. And I took it for a spin a few nights ago, it was okay. 

So thanks for reading my musings. Have to go. I need to get my ROI for my running shoes. Am going out for a run. 



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