Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tale of the Two Night Stands

Thank you, Chuvaness!

Five nights ago, I saw a thread on Twitter when Chuvaness (Cecil Van Straten) posed a question to someone about what furniture he needed. It spawned a reply from everyone. I noted that these were not the usual people she usually exchange tweets with. 

I bravely joined the convo and was rewarded with a reply. When followers were asking for sofas, I asked for the most unlikely -- night stands. I've been meaning to buy one or two. 

You see I love to read both paper and electronic books. I used to stack them on the floor. Then, I needed to buy stackable plastic boxes for my other knick-knacks. It became my quasi-permanent night stand where my books, magazines, iPad, iPhone, chargers, hand creams cram on top. It has become a long and tedious process when I need to open the boxes. Ugly, too.

It started with a tweet, followed by an email exchange and then the actual pick-up. Last weekend, off we went to her house. I was so nervous. Ha ha ha. I kept imagining how or what my disposition should be when I see the lady of the house, if she's there. Unfortunately, we learned that she was out. 

One of the helps were outside the house; we asked if there was anything (a night stand) for Sheng Arreglo.Off she went inside to ask as she doesn't know. While she was inside, my mind was whirling with what ifs... what if Chuvaness was just kidding or that she forgot. Ha ha ha. First time, eh

A few minutes later, we had two sleek night stands! An instruction came it. Remove the drawers first so the table will fit in the trunk. One table did get fit in the trunk but the other one we put inside.

Now, I have these two black night stands with drawers! Form and function combined. The drawers are wide and deep enough for all of my small items that I feel are absolutely necessary to be at arm's length. Nice and tidy.
Will post a better picture soon. (It took us until night time to figure out how to arrange our small studio.)
After seeing how neat my bedside has become, I realized that I would now have a place for a night lamp. And I can read to my heart's content without subjecting my eyes to semi-darkness. 

Yay, for generous souls! I've joined so many promos by Chuvaness and I've never won. But this one tops it... until her next giveaway. He he he.

Again, thank you Ms Cecile. 


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