Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Looking back through pictures -- throwback Thursdays. On Instagram, it is a staple on Thursdays. Some elicit wistful sighs, others just make you smile. All of them evoke a certain memory, a story and draws the road journeyed through the years. 

I combed through some photos of me through the years and am taken on a flashback of my passage from the seemingly naive, prominent decolletage, horizontal progress and all. So let me take you through them. 


From then on, I've never looked back. Only on days when I have terrible, terrible longings for the good old days especially when I want to fit in the clothes that I like. And when am seized by the scary thought of all the ailments associated with obesity -- high blood pressure, diabetes, among other dreaded diseases.

What have I been doing to live a healthier lifestyle? I try to exercise at least once a week. The ideal is 3x per week. But at least am getting there. Am also on the path of healthy diet -- I cook my own food, very little oil on a dish and more fresh vegetables. I also took serious note of my doctor's prescription to manage my hypothyroidism. 

I may not be able to go back to my skinny self but I hope that this year will see me shedding at least 10 pounds. 

How about you? Do you struggle with weight also? What have you been doing? I hope you can share in the comments below. 

My goal is to create a small community of weight watchers. Thanks!



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