Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pocket Garden in the Big City

I grew up in a lush green environment surrounded by patches of leafy vegetables and flowering plants. I remember our front yard covered with bermuda grass. Back then, my mom was very passionate about her flowers. 

Now that I live in the big city, am obsessed with trees and greenery. Let's face it, Manila is a big concrete jungle. Don't get me wrong, I love being an Urbanista. I like the pace, the lifestyle and the workplace. 

But whenever I find myself wanting some peace and quiet, I long for the good old days. I wish that am surrounded by plants so I can meditate, enjoy a good read or just space out with a steaming cup of coffee during rainy days. 

In between the years of my adult life, I discovered that I don't have the green thumb of my parents. I've watched my cacti plants die a natural death several times over; the memory still pains me. I even tried the hybrid types to no avail. 

However the desire to have some green in the house didn't wane. Then summer came. The sweltering heat is just unbearable. I read somewhere that indoor plants help clean the air and give off oxygen so that the house becomes cooler when the weather is hot and humid. 

Last Sunday, we accompanied our friend Bonna to the Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon Ave. We've been meaning to check out the place but we never seem to find the time. So her trip there was in perfect timing. 

We have a tiny balcony that can be brightened up with a few potted friends. With that in mind, we bought some with the advise of the garden vendors at Manila Seedling Bank. 

Went home with these.
This spot is bare no more.
This shrub cost us P75
This blooming orchid cost P75. We bought two. This one here is in the bathroom.
We also bought a cactus at P25. I feel sorry I wasn't able to buy more of it. And then those gorgeous hanging plants. Luckily, we have some palmeras (P150 each) that I've been eyeing for quite some time. 

If you're looking for some house plants, the Manila Seedling Bank is a good place to start. It has the widest selection of flora and fauna. The prices are very pocket friendly, too. Just a small note though, visit it either early in the morning or after the mid-day sun. It can get so, so hot! I was sweating buckets when we were there. No kidding. 

Will definitely go back for more cacti, hanging plants and some herbs. By the way, you can bring your own pots or buy it there so your plants are transferred/re-planted . By the time you're home, your plants are ready to be displayed. 

Indulge me as I dream to have this as my pocket garden.Someday.
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Build your own pocket garden, now. You don't just prettify your place, you also help the environment. Do your share. Make Manila green again. Or your city, for that matter.



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