Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Me & my summer mishaps

In anticipation of the hot summer days, I bought some things that would ease the intense heat of the season. And also because I was hoping to wade my feet in the cool sea water of some resort in the area. 

Our first attempt was at Pico de Loro but there were some snags. So we stayed home the entire holy week. I was aghast at first thinking of how else can I enjoy my summer dresses?! ha ha ha. By the way, this has been the story of my summers. Something always gets in the way.

Left me with no choice but to wear them to the mall.
Dress from Bayo (P1595); T-strap sandals from Aldo (P2195)
Also bought a breezy aquamarine dress from Marks & Spencer (P1450) but slashed off by P200 because of accumulated points, yay! And a manang (spinster) swimsuit that's blah on the style department but does serve my purpose -- hide my XL pouch of a tummy :-( 

And a lot of hankies! SM has so many cute designs; went gaga choosing the ones that were really lovely.
I don't why I threw in a pair of owlish socks and a pretty scarf from Forever 21 but I did. 
Owlish socks (P90)

Scarf (P550)

With the intense heat registering at a high of 39 degrees Celsius, it would really be a relief to just dip in the water. What saved us from a summer with no beach is a chance deal in groupon's Deal Grocer.  

Technically, it's by the tail end of summer. Yet, am just thankful we can have our beach getaway. Besides, it's on my birthday month so am cool with it. 
Soon. We will experience this paradise.

Where are you headed to this summer?



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