Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanging out at Daddy Ike's

Nothing stays permanent. Truer in the corporate world. People leave. They transition out. 

How do you cultivate then friendship beyond the borders of the corporate walls? Well, thank God for technology and social media, communicating has never been better. You get to see what each has been up to...comment on how good they look, how fab their vacations and how grand their life is outside of your common ground -- the office.

And then you socialize when schedule permits. Nothing beats a person-to-person encounter. And we try to do this once in a while. And always our point of convergence is this white house in Alabang Hills --Daddy Ike's home.

The coolest private bar ever is found in his house! And it has seen us binge-eat, get drunk and the occasional "blind dates". It gives us a chance to re-connect with friends and even get to talk with the ones who stayed but we don't have matrix relationship so we don't really talk often or see each other in meetings. 
Framed movie posters.

Mr Ike's collection of tumblers & mugs from all over the world. Adjacent to this cupboard is his collection of beers from the world over.
Let's play!

This is fun.
In 2007, I met these chic, cool and fun people when I moved to the Head Office. This barrio girl has just ticked off an item in her bucket list -- work in Makati! Don't laugh. Where I come from Manila (Makati, actually) is a distant dream. Am literally almost 2,000 kilometers far from the country's capital. Having said that, you can just imagine my exhilaration mixed with apprehension. After all, the barrio girl gets to live already in the big city.

With my association with these people, my social life saw the light of day. 

 Me and the always-beautiful-never-gets-old Uchie having a good time. 
If the ball that drops is your color, you drink a shot!
 These were in 2012.


Food, booze, game and endless chats. Happy. 

 Until the next hang out. 



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